Sedona’s Sacred Heart and Soul – Original Acrylic – 18″ x 36″

Sedona’s Sacred Heart and Soul

The reference used for this contemporary Sedona art was from a photo I took from Upper Red Rock Loop Road here in Sedona. The red rock formation on the left is “Court House Butte,” and of course, the structure on the right is Sedona’s famed “Cathedral Rock.”

In this southwest landscape, Sedona’s Sacred Heart and Soul, I have painted 22 hearts into the scene. The Heart energy in this Sedona vortex is palpable, though not visible to most, and I wanted to find a way to capture the feeling of deep, sacred Love in Sedona’s Sacred Heart and Soul. This is the 11th time I’ve painted Sedona’s Cathedral Rock, and this formation is the single most-photographed sight in Arizona. Why are we all drawn to this iconic red rock formation formed 330 million years ago?

Could it be because this sacred ground magnifies and enhances the frequency of Love emanating from Mother Earth herself?  

See below for the meaning and numerology of master numbers 11 and 22

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Sedona’s Sacred Heart and Soul – Original Acrylic – 18″ x 36″