Sedona Panorama

Lose yourself as you step into the extra-wide format of American artist, Clark Sheppard’s Sedona Panoramas. His unique style captures the amazing magnificence and breathtaking sights of the Sedona landscape – leaving you with a sense of wonder and awe. Monument Valley, Sedona Cactus, Creekside Cathedral, Enchantment, Rugged Serenity, Sky of Grace, Sailing Sedona’s Sky, Electric Snoopy, Patriotic Longhorns, Ferdinand’s Flowers, Sedona’s Cathedral Rock &  Bell Rock Vortex are just a few paintings offered in this format. All of these extra-wide Sedona Panoramas will leave you breathless ever-after.

Sedona Cactus
Sedona Art Studios by Clark Sheppard

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Cool Paintings of Sedona

Church House Rock


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Cathedral Moon Triptych


Cool Paintings of Sedona



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Patriotic Longhorns


Cool Paintings of Sedona

Rabbit Ears