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“A Conversation about Acquiring Original Art”

There is something in our sensibilities, our experience when we view an original work of art; a work infused with all the artist has to give. This is unique to original works.

So many stories, experimentation, and errors, moments of pure joy offered to you from the very heart and soul of the artist. It is in the fiber of the painting or sculpture or creation – their life force.

The desire to connect with the artist and allow them to infuse your life is what an original work of art has the capability to do. Start where you can, at the price point you can, and buy an original. When you fall in love with a piece, if it is beyond your budget talk with the gallery or artist, work out a payment plan, create an art budget for those original works of art that capture you… piece after piece after piece. Begin now and in years to come, you will have built a collection that reflects you and your aesthetic passions in life. And that collection will be your gift to others when they experience it….The creative gifts keep giving. What magic!

I hope these original paintings will inspire you; that you want to acquire one (or more) and experience the joy in having my work in your collection.

-Clark Sheppard

Original Paintings