Luscious Landscapes

Luscious Abstracts is what I do. Being an artist, I perpetually look at what I’m going to paint next. Living here in Sedona and the southwest I certainly have no shortage of subject matter to choose. Then there’s which medium am I going to use?


I recently decided to change the direction of my art and medium to luscious abstracts. I never thought I would, being the detailed painter that I am. So, I decided to explore the possibilities and took some workshops in acrylics & abstracts at the Sedona Art Center, here in town. And boy am I glad I did!

New Direction

Creating with acrylics was a real departure for me. I began my career as an artist painting in watercolor and then on to oils. I’m now painting exclusively with acrylics. There’s no toxicity (like oil) to using them. They dry extremely fast, allowing me to work at a fast pace and when I’m inspired, they serve me well.

My first abstract “Harmonic Flow” I painted years ago. Then came “Abundance.” “Inspired” is the style I’m now embracing. You’ll see a lot more of this new expressive form in the future. If you like my new direction, sign up here for all & new updates to my art.