Find Arabella Art Contest – Where the fun begins!

Since my painting is of the view from Schnebly Hill Road, I decided to name the painting Arabella, Sedona Schnebly’s middle name.  To make it even more fun, I have hidden a statue of Sedona Arabella in the painting.

Keep your eye’s peeled for Arabella who appears in the painting as a faint replication of the bronze sculpture of Sedona holding a basket of apples in front of the Sedona Library. That sculpture by Susan Kliewer is well known by residents of Sedona as well as visitors alike.  Discover Arabella with your mouse and win a 25% discount off your choice of any art piece worth $300 or more. (Hint, don’t be Blue if you can’t find her right away).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Good Luck!