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Mermaid‘s Magical Dream- Original Acrylic -20 x 30


This magical area known as Sedona was at sea bottom 330 Million years ago. So, as a Whimsical Sedona artist, it just made sense to me to paint water into the foreground into this southwest landscape, Mermaids Magical Dream.

Then I thought, “Why not paint in a rainbow and hide it behind my trademark sky?”  Of course, those Italian Cypress trees on the right are green in real life; however, I like using my artistic license and coloring them magenta.

An original work of art itself, Sedona, is a land of majestic beauty. Every sunrise and sunset inspires a new appreciation when the light paints the rocks with breathtaking hues of red and gold.


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Monolithic China – Original Acrylic 30″ x 40″


Monolithic China

This original acrylic painting Monolithic China, inspired by the famed spectacular conical Karst mountains. They are of irregular limestone in which erosion has produced fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns. The limestone erosion process, which has taken place over millions of years, has transformed the Chinese landscape into giant monoliths erupting from the earth for hundreds of thousand miles.  Since 1999, this particular image is proudly displayed on the back of China’s 20 Yuan banknote, and since, has become an iconic symbol of the wealth of natural beauty and biodiversity to be found in this vast country. This view of a fisherman on his bamboo raft floating down the Li River through the spectacular karst mountains of Guilin is a prevalent scene for this area. So, I thought it would be cool to paint it in my unmistakable style and exhibit in my next private showing in China.


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La Jolla – Original Acrylic- 12″ x 39″


The reference I used (as seen below) for this abstract landscape was overlooking Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla, CA. This amazing park is nestled right between downtown La Jolla and the edge of the Pacific Ocean. I’m grateful to use my artistic license (as you’ll witness after you view the reference used) for this whimsical serene painting with its impeccable peaceful beach dappled with flowing palm trees.

Ellen Browning Scripps Park
La Jolla


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Vortex Lovers – Painting Cathedral Rock From The Red Rocks of Sedona Original Acrylic 30″ x 40″


Sedona Vortex Lovers

The Urban legend of the Cathedral Rock Sedona’s center spires is known as “The Lovers,” and now Vortex Lovers is a Sedona whimsical daydream!  In ancient times, a couple argued continually. Great Spirit asked the lovers to stop and turn around.  As they looked out at this desert image of Sedona’s breathtaking, amazing landscape, Spirit suggested they acknowledge and discover their blessings, creating a Vortex of Love. They did and ever after remained in Love.


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Abundance-Original-Acrylic-16 x 20 – Framed


As a Sedona Artist, Abundance is what I was thinking of when I stepped into the dynamic greens, blues, reds and vibrant yellows of this whimsical abstract art. I want you, the viewer, to delight-in this crazy world of abstract art and come fly with me into this daydream of unique, rich and creative expression. After all, abstract painting is not just a bunch of colors and textures. Abstract art should speak to the heart and spirit because it comes from the heart of spiritual creation that is seeking expression through the artist. This Sedona art is available as a canvas print.

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Desert Blossom- Original Watercolor – 15.5″ x 28″


Desert Blossom

This Sedona Landscape painting of Desert Blossom (created in 1994) was my first attempt to paint a desert blossom of a Prickly Pear Cactus using watercolor.  The 2nd was “Sedona Cactus.” Even before moving to the Southwest from the crazy world of the Northeast, I began falling in love with iconic images of cacti, Sedona landscapes, and desert images.  As the “pull” became stronger and stronger, I decided to move to Sedona. Where I now find daily new inspirations to paint, I delight-in having this right outside my window!

The “pink” color in this Desert Blossom is called “Opera” which is the name of a watercolor pigment manufactured by Holbein. I love how they come up with names for color – it’s like how they name lipstick!

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Whimsical Daydream


Whimsical Daydream

I delight-in creating southwest Sedona landscape whimsical art and even describe my unique artistic style as “Whimsically Abstracting the Landscape.”  I am forever grateful to be living in magical Sedona, Arizona. As a Sedona Artist, I  join other fellow creative visionaries who claim the title of Arizona Artist.


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Iconic Saguaro – Original Acrylic – 13″ x 28″


Iconic Saguaro

The Saguaro pronounced “suh-wahr-oh.” is “The” symbol of Arizona and, the American Southwest landscape. Next, to the 10-gallon hat and the cowboy boot, there is no more widely recognized symbol of the Southwest than the Iconic Saguaro cactus. Being an Arizona Artist, based in Sedona, I love painting all things Arizona, especially Sedona landscape paintings.

This Saguaro is at the forefront of this original acrylic on canvas. All of my amazing art is Nature-inspired and offered as prints on paper, canvas & metal. Here’s more on the quality of our reproductions.


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