Order a custom painting today!

Commission Clark to paint your custom piece of landscape art (sorry no portraits).

Many people want their home or property immortalized on canvas, or have a great vacation photo or special place that would make a meaningful painting.  Are you looking to preserve your fond memories of a special time and place? Then read further.

Sample pricing:

12 x 18 inches…$899.

18 x 24 inches…$1,499.

24 x 36  inches…$2,999.

A deposit of 50% to begin the painting is required. Price depends on size, subject, shipping etc.

Clark is very well versed in working with clients remotely in this regard. Every effort is made to ensure your satisfaction. This is done by encouraging you to be engaged in the creative process through feedback at key stages. First, images are collected to work from. A sketch is then presented to you (usually via email) and changes made as you deem necessary. After the sketch is approved, a rough underpainting is presented to you showing overall color scheme. Again alterations may be suggested. Lastly, the final piece is painted in my style and presented. Slight modifications can still be made before the image is finished and ready for delivery.

A general timeline for completion will also be discussed before I begin. (Usually about 4 – 6 weeks from the start date). Communication is key, so I always ask lots of questions before I begin. I believe this is why I have so many satisfied collectors. This is your opportunity to a part of the creative process, most collectors find it to be an exciting and very rewarding experience.

I do not reproduce commissioned works. It’s one of a kind, and yours exclusively, forever!

To begin your custom painting or to receive more information contact Clark