Clark Sheppard, Celebrating Sedona’s Magic and Beauty – with award-winning, “whimsical art,” paintings in Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor.

The most recent recognition of my art is a request for the licensing of my oil painting, “Creekside Cathedral,” that is be featured in the New Media series Snatchers, produced by Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.”

Former President George W. Bush is a proud owner of my award-winning “Patriotic Longhorns.” My award-winning art has been in SouthwestArt Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, American Cowboy, Texas Monthly, and True West magazines. Sedona Art Studios is proud to sponsor “Sedona International Film Festival” My original watercolor of “Goulding’s Stagecoach” hangs in the “Stagecoach” restaurant at Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley, AZ.

The evolution of my artistic career had a unique beginning. My initial exposure to painting and creating wall art, began simply enough in 1990, through an “adult evening education course” at a local, New Jersey high school. I started working with the medium of watercolor, thinking, “How hard could it be?”…only to discover that it was one of the most challenging mediums there is.

I showed my first artwork to a good friend, Gordon Haas, who is an accomplished artist with his Gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

 Gordon was very confident, telling me he perceived the beginnings of some real talent and encouraged me to pursue my interest in art. Gordon then became my mentor, and what started as dabbling, fast grew into a passion.

The artist Thomas McKnight had a significant influence on my pallet. So, to pay homage to him, I decided to put a Mc in front of my nickname, “Shep.” Thus, McShep Art Studios was birthed, and that’s how I sign my art to this day “McShep.”

I’ve been living my dream in Sedona, Arizona since  2004- a truly magical place to live. I feel that Sedona is the most beautiful place on earth, in so many ways. What better place to offer canvas prints and all types of wall art than right here. The “whimsical” feel of my work is much inspired by the unique and magical Beauty of Sedona.  My daily gratitude for living in this remarkable place continually reminds me to open and expand my conscious awareness of and appreciation for the profound impact nature can have on us when we honestly pay attention to this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Currently featured in many Sedona art galleries: The Sedona Artist Market, The Village Gallery, in the Village of Oak Creek & Art & Soul of Sedona, as well as in  Sound Bites Grill, Alma de Sedona B&B, Richard Davis for Men, Red Canyon Retreat Sedona to name a few.

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